What Are You Doing Tonight?

what-you-doing-tonightI get excited when I get a chance to talk live. Words on paper (or computer screens) are one thing -

But being able to help people face to face is what I love most.

We are taught so many different things - but the biggest thing, the most important thing, the most CRUCIAL thing we are not taught.

No one teaches us how to live.

No one explicitly gives us the foundation of living well which is how to think in the right way to be calm, focussed, happy, full of well being …

And ultimately the most ALIVE we can be.

No one teaches us the essentials.

This is where I can help.

Of all things, sports performance depends on your mind.

You can do so much physical preparation and training, but if you don’t have the essentials right nothing happens, and quickly.

So tonight - Wednesday at 7.30pm in Darlington -

I am hosting a workshop to give you these essentials.

You want to come if:

- you want to learn how to ignore negative thinking and be more focussed. Not serious, but one pointed in your mental application - you want to learn how to deal with pre-event anxiety and pressure so that you can be calm and confident, optimally ready and perform better than you train and not the other way around - you want to learn how to retrain and rewire patterns of belief and habit that mean you aren’t achieving your full potential - you want to learn how to be in the Zone of calm, focus, wellbeing no matter what you’re doing

I’ve been told that my super power is to make what could be complicated very very simple and straightforward.

And why not?

The essentials are simple, but so misunderstood.

If you want clarity, then get your seat here:


Don’t miss out now! Arjuna


It’s only £3 pre-registered, and £5 on the door - a ridiculously small amount but I wanted as many people as possible to come.

All proceeds to charity so feel free to give more.

See you tonight!