Do you want a clean house or a happy family?

“I’ll just do this one thing …”

“Then I’ll rest, later when it’s finished…”

You know it,

It never happens.

The kids go down to sleep or off to school, you do all the stuff you think you should be doing.

Instead of looking after yourself -

and honestly - just a small amount of time is all you need -

You do housework,

Sort out that cupboard because you’re free …

Or you crack open the gin and start up Netflix and stay up way too late, again

^^^ That is a good idea actually, now and then.

(Now and then - that’s the key, not every single night.)

You see, doing the above over looking after yourself and your energy levels means you get more and more exhausted.

And with it:

More and more snappy -

So your partner, your kids, your loved ones get it:

A grumpy, irritated, resentful, tired bag of blah.

Where did your joy go?

Where did the smiles and the humour and the fun go?

Where did the sense of purpose and meaning go?

Why all the struggle and stress?

Working out what is essential and what is merely “urgent” is a big deal.

Looking after yourself?


Doing all those jobs?

Flicking through Facebook, again?

Not so.

You have to learn to protect your core -

What is your core?

Not your abs, no -

Nothing to do with pilates and planks and hollow holds and sit ups, no …

It’s your energy, your peace of mind, your perspective and clarity, your sense of humour.

Remembering your reason for being alive, for doing all this stuff anyhoo.

That there is the baseline of your being and so often put last on your to do list.

It's not selfish!

Without it you’re lost.

And that’s what I do …

Give you what you need so that you can enjoy everything you do.

So you can be awesome and not anxious,

Fun and not frantic.

Have a profound life, not a perplexed one.

Want in?

Head here and you will get a bunch of great ideas on HOW to do this.

For free:

Go well!



When you get to the end of your life are you going to wish you had done more housework?

Watched more box sets?

Or lived a profound, loving, fun, truly alive life?

It doesn't have to be an either/or thing.

Prioritise your energy and your peace and you can have it all.