Ed Sheeran’s hate

Ed - the singer, songwriter - you know the one …

If you listen to the radio you probably have at least one of his songs stuck in your head without even knowing it’s him,

Well - Ed’s quit twitter.

He’s gone, he’s off …

Too much hate for him.

I’m neither here or there on Ed’s music,

But he’s been subjected to SO much abuse,

He’s been left scratching his head as to why people hate him so much.

That’s hard for anyone, no matter how tough skinned you might be.

You would think fame and fortune would solve a lot of problems wouldn’t you?

Looks like it can create just as many problems as being poor and unknown.

Some of you may say “hold it!”

“I’d rather be rich and hated than poor and loved”

But I think you wouldn’t.

If you’ve ever been bullied at work, or in your sports team or on Facebook or where ever,

If you’ve tried to help your kids through being bullied at school,

You know it sucks big time.

It cripples you, unless you have strong support networks and some serious confidence gonads to get through.

The lesson?

Sometimes you have to quit bad company.

Like Ed, just get up and go.

If you can - get out of there, spend as less time with people who drag you down as poss.

I’m not just talking about out and out bullying,

I’m talking about any negativity actually.

You gotta surround yourself with fun, happy, alive, supportive people.

It’s almost as important as oxygen - but not as well recognised.

Of course, there’s always that relative that you can’t ditch - but you sure can minimise,

So you can look after yourself.

The bottom line ^^^^

Keeping good company is so important.

Seek out those people who are inspired, who laugh a lot, who don’t gossip, who make you feel good just by being around them -

You won’t regret it.

I’m really proud of our community of Ascenders -

They are all of that and more.

We get together regularly face to face, we have a Facebook group with live videos and interaction all the time,

And we thrive.

It’s awesome - and so rare actually.

Like to be a part of something like that?

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Go well!



I’m like Ed -

I’m not on twitter either.

I don’t know about you but I have enough excuses to look at my mobile already,

No need to add another distraction ay?!