Doing too much?

I witnessed someone multitasking recently,

It wasn’t pretty.

It was just like watching a car crash unfold in front of you.

It also reminded me of young bubba trying to feed herself.

She tries to get two fists of food into her mouth at the same time.

Doesn’t happen - there’s always a bottle neck -

The only thing that DOES happen is a mess.

It’s the same when you try and do too many things at once.

("Too many things" = more than one)

This multi-tasker is an actor.

He was also attempting to shove a sandwich in his mouth,

Being fitted for his costume,

And trying to learn his lines all at the same time.


Stop, slow down.

You only get one chance at this particular sandwich.

You might only get one chance at connecting with this particular person.

You can't learn anything whilst doing two other things.

You ever raced down a meal, but never actually tasted it?

Ever driven down a road but never travelled it?

Ever had a conversation but never heard it?

Ever read a book but never taken it in?

Life is here and now.

You can only do one thing at once.

You can be lost in thought,

Or you can attend to this moment in time.

And your attention transforms it into something worthwhile.

You can get stressed and race through life,

To what you think will be a better future moment.

Or you can appreciate and be aware of what now holds for you.


“Is there life before death? That is the question!”

Anthony de Mello


Your awareness brings life to life.

Focus, presence, awareness.

It is the antidote to a life of stress and overwhelm and negativity.

The elixir of squeezing everything from life that it has to offer.

And what a joy life is, no matter what -

When you actually show up for it.

That is the key.

Showing up fully for your life.

How to show up?

Try this free 7 day challenge on for size:

I’ll give you the sweet tools that mean you can stay clear of stress and reacting blindly,

To live the life you want to live,

To make sure you don’t miss a moment,

And keep a big fat smile on your face, all the time.

Because life is too short for anything else.

Go well!!!



You can do this.

I know you can.

Because if I of all people can, you can.