Help! I keep falling asleep while meditating

OK - Autumn is in. Hibernation season

I'm getting asked a lot:

How do I stop falling asleep when I Ascend or meditate?

Here’s my top tips on that.

I also did a video because sometimes talking is soooo much faster than writing.

You can find it here:

First of all though,

One of the signs that you’re about to fall asleep CAN be that you start drifting off into thinking so much more than when you’re fully alert.

No deal, don’t force it, the more you practice the more you’ll realise what is a happening,

Then you can use one or all of these below tips.

1. People hate this one

Chances are you won’t do this - people hate it when I say it, because it’s so darn simple.

They roll their eyes and say: “OK, good one, what else … ?”

If you’re falling asleep often in your eyes closed, get to bed earlier.

Stop burning the old midnight candle and get some pre-midnight rest.

It’ll solve your problem in a jiffy.

If you're having trouble sleeping at night getting these little breaks in your day will help you immensely.

2. Sit up a little bit straighter

Still be comfortable - no need to be in a yoga position.

You want to forget your body, not make it ache even more.

3. Speed up / change up

Introduce your Ascension Attitudes or mantra a little bit quicker.

If you’re using the breath - breathe a little deeper, fuller.

Swop attitudes or vehicles a little more frequently to keep the attention.

4. Open your eyes for a moment

Stare off into space for a bit, close your eyes when ready

5. Wash your face before

Dip your face in cold water before hand.

6. Get out of bed

While you can - and should - Ascend or meditate in bed into sleep (lie down, get comfy),

Get out and go somewhere else the rest of the time

7. Exercise / stretch before hand

Easy one - get the blood flowing a bit/a lot before.

8. Be “integrious” with your attention

Ascend or meditate with integrity - 100% gentle attention.

Being lazy with your attention will result in big drifting (no force!!)

9. Get the right vehicle

Not all vehicles are created equal.

You can travel by old bus -

Which does have its charm, but:

It’s slow, stops everywhere, may randomly break down, complete with loud music and smelly armpits.


You can travel by jet powered flying chauffeur piloted ease -

In speed and comfort.

You can meditate or, you can Ascend.

Huge difference.


The bottom line though is - if you need to sleep you WILL sleep.

Allow it -

Especially if your sleep is poor throughout the night and/or you’ve gathered up some exhaustion/stress

Allow and you’ll wake up much more refreshed and clear and alert for the rest of the day.

Which is so much better than fighting and getting angry with yourself.

Isn’t it?

The key will always be consistency.

If it’s important, do it every day.

Questions? Let me know - and by the way: good work!

Go well,



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