Don’t Trust Your Feelings - They Be Sneaky

feelingsFeelings are sneaky things. I wouldn’t trust them. Trusting them leads to sooooo much drama. But before I get warmed up and into this -

Witness my favourite youtube video of all time, Beaker of the Muppets singing “Feelings”.

I think you’ll like it too:

Feelings …

They’re not dependable source of information, really they aren’t.

You have a good nights sleep - you have one set of feelings.

You have a bad nights sleep - you have another set.

Mercurial is the word.

Changeable, and fast too.

How can you trust something that changes so much?

You can’t.

Trust something that doesn’t change.

If you have been meditating …

... better still - if you’ve been Ascending - you’ll have or be developing an experience of the presence and awareness that lies beyond feelings.

Let that be your anchor, your stability, your point of reference when your crazeee feelings and hormones and mind tells you otherwise.

Do you know what’s even worse than a feeling?

An expectation.

An expectation that you should or should not be feeling something.

Ooh boy, that really is a can of worms.

I was talking about relationships the other day.

One reason I’ve ruined so many great relationships was simply because I wasn’t “feeling” it.

I was looking for the feeling of excitement, of new, raw, “let’s tear our clothes off right here in the kitchen” passion that’s there at the beginning of each relationship.

When that fades and a more subtle, perhaps mature (like a good blue cheese maybe?) kind of love comes in, I was left adrift.

“I should be feeling something - and I’m not. Let’s look somewhere else for the excitement again”.

Enter the hamster wheel of chasing the ever elusive highs.

It’s a trap.

Feelings are a trap.

Same with people when they come to meditation.

“I should be feeling peace and calm and focus every single time I sit to meditate”.


Often, just like going for a run or being in the gym, it's not what happens during, it's what happens after.

Its the longer term, apres-exercise effect that you want to be focussing on.

There is so much life beyond feelings.

See them clearly, see that you aren’t your feelings, or your thoughts.

Anchor yourself in what is beyond those and you’ll find super real clarity and stability.

Why would you want that?

So you can kick arse and live life they way you want to. Without a handbrake.


The best way to get that (really, honestly) is learning and then practicing Ascension meditation.

Here you go:

Take it easy, OK? Arjuna


Feelings are different from intuition.


Just as Swaledale blue cheese (yum!) is WAY different from, say, brussel sprouts (shudder).

Before you get a little excited and tell me I’m talking trash.

But most people totally confuse and conflate the two.

(Feelings and intuition that is).