When You Want Bond And Get Powers

bondI’m in Exeter of all places, for a wedding. Black tie.

Will be my first time in a tuxedo. How about that?

Tells you what social circles I move in.

All fleece and merino and neoprene.

But I’m sure I’ll scrub up well.

I’m thinking James Bond, but in all likelihood I’ll probably be more Austin Powers.

Oh well … you do your best and then give up and enjoy it, as it is - right?

Yeah, actually I don’t see a lot of that in evidence.

So often life doesn’t go according to plan.

Or you agree to do something and then it doesn’t work out how you thought it would.

Or you have an idea about what "should" happen, and it goes the opposite way.

It causes so much strife when our schemes and ideas don’t work out.

When this happens, what are your options?

Well, let me tell you something that has been so useful to me.

The very, very wise personage of Eckhart Tolle once pointed out that in any situation you don’t like you have three possible options.

1. Change the situation.

If you can’t change it - or you don’t want to - you can:

2. Leave the situation.

If you can’t leave the situation - or (again) don’t want to - you must:

3. Accept the situation fully and completely.

But so often humanity goes for option 4:

4. Resist, complain, whine, blame

Which just tends to keep the situation as it is, stuck.

It sucks your power,

You lose all joy,

You get frustrated and stressed.

Life shrinks.

So anytime you find yourself stuck, look at what option you’ve got behind.

Sometimes you have no choice but to accept and get on with what you’re given.

You don’t have to like it, but you do have to accept it.

Your levels of stress and struggle and anger will remain low.

And you can see your options clearly, which is always a bonus.

Clarity and coolness under pressure is what everyone wants.


Acceptance is the only sane option. Get busy with that.

You can do it.

Take it easy, and keep the Peace! - Arjuna


Acceptance doesn’t mean you give up or stop caring.

It just means you realise in this moment it is your ONLY option.

One of the things meditation is, it is a practice of acceptance.

The Ishayas’ Ascension will bring you to a place of clarity, calm and acceptance so quick, like super rapid.

You just have to practice it. That’s all.

Interested in learning how you can become a master of acceptance so you can kill your stress and have more joy and effectiveness than you ever thought possible?

I have some one on one spaces open:

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