Efficient, Focussed, Ruthless - Like A Laser?

Some of you guys have pointed out that since my emails go out incredibly early in the morning, I must be some kind of machine. Efficient, focussed, ruthless like a laser.

I like that, but actually -

I write the email the day or two before and then schedule it to go out so you have something to start your day with, if you wish.

I hate to ruin your image of me,

But the truth is mornings aren’t my best time. I’m actually a bit groggy.

I can do them,

However I’ve learnt that other things than writing are best for first thing.

I do things that don’t require me to be too switched on.

It’s exercise and meditation and admin.

That routine helps me wake up and get going and have a good base for the day.

I have tried to force myself into a kind of pattern that I was told was best by someone else -

But experience told me different.

So I changed to what works for me.

What works for you?

When I teach people Ascension meditation I’m very aware that the techniques are one thing,

The getting into the habit of using them is another.

And that ^^^ is quite a personal thing.

I used to be “you MUST practice meditation for these many minutes at these times every day to get the benefits in the shortest amount of time".

But I have realised that is just not realistic.

And that’s one of the reasons why I like working one on one with people - we can work out what works best for them.

I now always get people to do what they can do easily - and build from there.

20 minutes is a good goal to get to.

(if you’re in a hurry to see benefits, 20 minutes twice, or even three times, daily will really mean things start shifting for you)

Things seem start to happen quick when you’re able to sit for 20 minutes.

(if you’re just starting - don’t worry, it doesn’t take much to get to)

But if that seems impossible, start at say 10 minutes and work up, as slow as you like.

Meditating, like any habit, becomes more enjoyable the more you do it.

It develops a momentum.

You see the rewards of being calmer and clearer, reacting and losing it less, you’re more productive and more fun to be around -

And so you want to do it more.

But if forcing yourself to sit for 20 minutes is really hard work for you, you’re not going to get to that point of momentum and enjoyment are you?

Dial it back.

So much better to have a good balance between persistence and realising what and when works for you.

The great thing is making people realise what they can do on their worst day.

So if everything falls down around your ears you know you have at least one “backup” session.

Often that works as last thing at night - perhaps even in bed.

Everyone has to close their eyes sometime to go to sleep, right?

Why not head off slightly earlier and meditate off to sleep?

Even if that’s 2 minutes of conscious meditating and a lot more drifting - awesome. Not bad for a worst day scenario.

I love meditating in the mornings because it sets me up so well.

But sometimes I realise you’re not going to get that.

If you’re not a morning person (like me) do try and work up to it because it will make your whole day more enjoyable and effective.

But also make a plan and realise what you can do on your worst day.

Does that make sense?

There’s no point in trying to be a machine about this.

Get that balance between being focussed and committed and persistent and realising that you will also slip.

No deal.

It doesn’t really matter if you stop, just pick it back up again.

OK? Go well!

So - If you’d like some help through the initial habit forming phase,

Perhaps you’ve already learnt but stuck in a stop/start cycle - you know what to do but you don’t know why you’re not doing it,

Or perhaps you want to learn to meditate “properly” and no longer rely on apps and people talking in your ear,

Or perhaps you’d like someone on hand can clear all the obstacles out of your way, answer all your questions and make meditation supremely simple, enjoyable and perhaps even more profound,

Opt in here and I'll give a you my excellent Quick Start Guide To Meditation:


Have a great day! Arjuna -