The Stink That You Can’t Wash Off

Had the meter reader guy come in yesterday and, sheesh … The bloke had a bad case of body odour.

Like serious.

It lingered long after he had left.

Left an oily coating on the walls.

So aggressive it stained my teeth.

I don’t want to make fun, really I don’t. 

I know for sure that my breath can be volatile at times.

Due to me doing some intermittent fasting -

(Basically skipping breakfast, no eating until early afternoon, as part of my health and fitness regime.)

And that can cause my good lady Sumati to turn away.

At least she lets me know - so I can get a banana or something in me to fix fasting breath before I go and be with people.

But - and here is my point:

There is a kind of “stink” that no one really talks about.

And that is the stink of stress.

You see, it doesn’t just affect you -

Like a personal hygiene problem you might have grown so accustomed to a certain level of stress and struggle that you don’t notice it at all.

But the people around you certainly do.

Your kids, your partner - they know.

They may not be able to put it into words, but they know.

How does that work?

You ever walk into a room and it’s obvious that’s there’s been an argument?

You can almost feel the tension, the sparks left over.

And vice versa - you know it when you walk in somewhere or are with someone and you instantly relax, you’re comfortable.

It’s more than nice - it’s a relief.

I remember this one more senior guy I used to work with.

I was new, and loved being around him because he was unflappable.

We had a pretty dynamic job as outdoor instructors, busy, long, physical days -

And he was so awesome because his level of calm meant even when things went unexpected  -

(which they did, often) -

He didn’t freak out which meant … I didn’t freak out.

I could deal with the challenge, and all with a smile on my face, simply because he had carried this “no problem” attitude right there beside me.

Talk about a mentor - I wanted to be like him.

It was never what he did that impressed, just how he did it.

How he carried himself probably made more of an impression on me that anything he said -

And made me look for a way of becoming like that too - which led me to learning Ascension meditation a few years later.

Now, here's the thing:

You CAN be like that guy too, no matter at what point you’re starting from, and for the sake of your loved ones you SHOULD.

You'll be like a breath of fresh air in their lives.

Taking care of business, dealing with the demands of your day, and yet coming home and fully there with everyone, big smile on your face -

Everyone wins.

Part of it is attitude, part of it is meditation, part of it is learning - or having the courage - to make different choices (or make the same choices differently).

That’s why I set up a programme that’s not just meditation.

It’s using the awareness and clarity that comes from meditation in all parts of your life.

Go here if you’re interested, opt in and I'll give you a super simple meditation practice you can get going on AND we can talk more about it: Go well! Arjuna


Why would you go without breakfast?

You see, I LOVE food - But if I just ate and did nothing else?


So, enter fasting and exercise - a necessary tradeoff -

All so I can eat pretty much what I want to eat, just in a concentrated period.

Seems to work well (for me) to help keep the dad bod at bay.

Also clears the body (and the senses),

And it isn’t harsh at all.

Harsh is a waste of time. And a waste of life.

I’ll tell you more about that next time …