Everyday Things

What do you do every day? I imagine sleep is one of them.

Eating too, perhaps - unless you’re one of these fasting types (which is ALL the rage at the moment)?

What else?

Clean your teeth?

Errmmm … maybe!

There’s not a lot of things that you do every single day is there?

I saw a quote which brought some perspective - once again - for me:

____________ “Go 3 days without your favourite thing. Then go 3 days without sleep. It turns out sleep is actually your favourite thing.” Joel Comm ____________

For me the last few days have been spent in a whirlwind of shifting -

Taking items from one place to another.

All wanting to be in the house and set up so at least I know where my fresh underwear is.

Because … well … because the baby.

It’s all about the baby and getting ready for the wee fella to arrive.

There hasn’t been a lot of time to close my eyes and Ascend.

The local river has been going nuts and I haven’t even been down there for a little kayak.

^^^ That’s how seriously I’m taking my responsibilities as a good husband.

(Loud cheer in the background)

But yesterday I got a little more time to close my eyes to meditate …

Beyond a few seconds as my head hit the pillow last thing at night.

(or when I bounce awake in the early hours as Sumati with pregnant belly attempts the bed roll / full body bounce from one side to the other).

And the level of physical rest alone was spectacular.

Like dropping into a hot bath of my own being.

(If that makes sense??)

It showed me how there are my favourite things, like kayaking.

And then there are the things that I do every single day because I NEED to.

I need to clean my teeth because I dislike furry fangs quite a lot actually.

I need to regularly go to sleep well before 11pm because it means I operate better come the next day.

I need to close my eyes and do my Ishayas’ Ascension meditation because it recharges my battery.

It releases any niggles, any grumpiness, any of that stuff just like lifting the bath plug lets all that bath water flow down the drain.

So that is all really -

What are your favourite things?

If you want to make Ascension meditation one of them, head this way and I can help you out.


Or perhaps you have learnt but you’re not sure why you just don’t practice, simple and effortless as it is.

I can help you out too!

Keep the peace out there, ok? Arjuna - PS.

How come everyday things are the things - like sleep and like eating and like brushing the teeth that are “everyday”?

The things that are most important are the things we take for granted, aren’t they?

And only put in perspective when we go three days without them …

Everyday schmevery day, I say!