Trust What You Know - You Already Know

Last week I was talking about challenges. It’s interesting because you know the habits and programmes and challenges that face you.

And many of you also already know, because you told me -

You kind of already know how to get around these challenges.

You know a lot -

It's just that sometimes it takes someone else to tease it out of you.

And also -

Quite often life turns into a little bit of survival mode,

Just getting through the day - heading for the weekend.

Rare is it that we take time to really sit back and get clear on the important stuff.

On where we want to go and how.

Taking time to rest and see and be clear - getting an overview - is so valuable.

Without it you turn into a little rodent on a wheel.

Round and around and around you go.

You may know I’m going to say this -

But my Ishayas’ Ascension meditation practice gives this to me just in terms of a mini-break during the day.

A complete physical and mental rest which means I reset.

Perspective is regained -

Just through resting, disconnecting for a moment or two.

It is a luxury to some, to be able to take even 10 minutes.

But all because they don't realise how necessary it is to stop and get perspective.

They think - get jobs done then rest.

It never happens.

Does it?

You go in smaller and smaller circles.

From that, if you’re smart, and you ARE because you’re reading this -

You might realise the benefit of stopping and getting such an overview.

Because you already know what to do, what you WANT to do, and how to do it.

It’s just that it always gets pushed back, time and time again, for the hustle and bustle of doing stuff.

Carve out the time - you need it.

To help with this I think you should learn and practice Ascension meditation.

It is super simple -

And brings great clarity and perspective.

It doesn't take away your problems - it makes them easier to deal with.

Opt in here and I'll give you everything you need to know,

Starting with a free super simple Quick Start guide to meditation: Go well!



Your intuition often tells you what is right for you in a particular moment.

It just gets over run, doesn’t it?

Another valuable reason to stop and see and rest and gain some space -

So you trust what you know.

An incredible gift.


Next Ishayas’ Ascension meditation course date is set -

12-14 May (starts 7pm Friday)

Note the date down in the diary,

Email me if you want a place.

Bookings will open as soon as I organise myself free of some boxes …