Your Foundation And Why It Matters More Than Anything

You. Yes - you!

This is important you understand this.

That is ONLY if you want to:

Live a great life as an awesome parent, partner, friend and team mate, achieve your goals, have huge adventures, and indulge in a lot of fun while getting total fulfilment from all of it … that is.

If you don't care for ANY of that?

Well ... <shrugs> ... too bad for you.

You - your life - what you do, how you think about it and how much you enjoy it:

Your levels of calm, clarity and happiness,


Your levels of stress, confusion and struggle …

The resulting effectiveness in, and enjoyment of, your life -

All depend on your inner foundation.

If you have shaky foundations, everything you do will be shaky and less then fulfilling.

If you have solid foundations, everything you do will be quality and have an element of fun to it.

This foundation is hard to describe in words -

But I’ll bet you good money you know exactly when you’re far away from it.

For me being away was like being in a pit.

A pit of such magnitude that it still gives me motivation not to return there.

Perhaps you know what I’m talking about?


Given the habits of your mind you need a practice to return to solid foundations.

That is where Ishayas’ Ascension mediation comes in.

Fast, enjoyable, powerful tools that enable you to be the best version of yourself.

All good so far.

You get back on track - and what do soooo many people do just because they don’t understand?

“Well, I’m out of the hole - let’s get going!”

They get busier and busier chasing their goals and their to do lists -

They stop practicing -

Their foundation starts to crumble,

Busy-ness turns to flapping and less effectiveness and more and more stress and overwhelm.

What happened?

They didn’t make the nurturing of their foundation a priority.

It was important when you were suffering, now life is pretty good?

You forget.

You forget what gave you that sense of calm, of clarity, of capability, of “I can handle ALL of this”.

You forget and so it starts to slip away …

Hence the curse of the pretty good life.

Sometimes you have to REALLY suffer to wake up and see what causes what.

Now: You don’t NEED to suffer - especially since I’m telling you now.

But you need to do something about it.

To clarify:


- and the life you live from what it gives you -

Is not an either/or thing.

So many people think “meditation? I’ll have to give up my goals and dreams”


Actually: ONLY living for your goals and dreams?

That is an either/or.

Because you give up a foundation in effectiveness and enjoyment.

Because you neglect your core, your centre, your foundation.

You get stressed and overwhelmed and things start to crack and fall apart …

Your work, your relationship, your health, your sense of humour.


Now you know - get cracking. Don't waste another moment.

Go well!



Ooh, I was so busy being Mr Motivator that I forgot.

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