Freedom From Fear

Recently had a conversation about fear - It’s the biggest struggle everyone has, isn’t it?

In life, freedom from fear is one thing that is definitely worth searching for.

It is the one thing worth having because then you truly have life.

And the most amazing thing is you don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie to get it.

Freedom from fear is not about facing extreme situations.

In ordinary life your mind can throw up so many things to be fearful about.

That noise late at night.

The bank account, the bills, the future of your career.

Your and your families health …

“What does everyone think of me?”

“Should I do this or should I do that?”

Not to mention the “big” topics: terrorism, war, environmental disaster …

You know?

The first time I drove Sumati and little bubba home from hospital?

You bet I had a flash of realisation of how infinitely more precious my cargo now was.

And how extremely careful the drive home was.

But that’s the thing isn't it?

A concern to ensure freedom and life and the good things -

Can become an obsession about what might go wrong and the loss of them.

Your mind gets so wrapped up in protection and possibilities you completely lose all freedom.

You freeze.

You get anxious, worried, panicky, stressed -

And all about a potential. An idea. A possibility. Something that is not true right now.

Your concern spins out of control and turns into a prison of your own making.

You want happiness and ease and security but your mind leads you on a dance into the exact opposite.

You grip so tightly to life you lose it.

What to do?

Recognise what’s happening.

Recognise the loss of freedom and life from the excessive process of your own mind.

Notice how your mind races off into the future creating all kinds of dramatic stories.

Do you want to live like this?

Get present.

Get out of your head.

It is end of all fear and the source of all life.

Here’s some (in fact 108) super simple ideas to make that a reality: Go well! Arjuna


I used to be so afraid.

Afraid of what people thought, of money running out, of doing something wrong

When I realised the biggest source of fear was my own head and it’s shenanigans it made going beyond it so much easier