Whoa There Nelly! Slow Down A Touch

The sun is pouring in my window this morning - I LOVE that! Little bubba is attached to me - we’re giving Sumati a sleep in (She’s been feeding all night long - yikes!)

I’m sipping a coffee.

(Bubba seems pretty happy just chewing on my shirt. Maybe I spilt coffee there?)

Do I sound calm? I feel calm.

This all means I’ve done my Ascension meditation

It’s my morning ritual you see -

Close my eyes, recharge, connect with clarity and calm and presence,

Then make and drink coffee as I get to grips with the day.

This ritual means I can get to work and not be thrown by whatever events come along.

It means I can focus and be clear.

It means I don’t head off and run around like a headless chicken.

I know you know what I mean …

When you get a little stressed, a little busy, a little harassed you try and do things faster

Or more things at the same time.

And the quality of what you do goes down the drain.

Not to mention the levels of peace that you experience.

You start to get frazzled and grouchy and snap at people and get speeding tickets.

And no one likes a speeding ticket. I hate speeding tickets actually.

Now - I KNOW you’re busy.

You have a bunch of things you HAVE to do, and then there’s all the stuff you’d LIKE to do.

But the answer?

You have to realise that time is an experience.

It’s relative.

The faster you go, the less time you have in your head.

You get MORE time when you slow down and take it moment by moment.


So - take it easy, slow it up.

Why not even wake a touch earlier so you can start the day with some space?

I don’t mean be insanely early, but 15-20 minutes isn’t going to kill you.

Just set your alarm and get out of bed. Lying there thinking about getting up is just the pits

Some people like to make a hot drink and do nothing, maybe make a few quiet notes to organise their heads

I like to close me eyes and do my practice

(I sent you a link to a simple practice when you signed up, let me know if you need it again?)

Because it’s more effective in giving me unshakeable calm (true!)

If you do this, don't be in a hurry to get up and going again -

Be present. Be alive to this moment.

Step by step, don’t be getting ahead of yourself, alright?

It makes such a difference: you’ll do more and have more time left over.

But the critical thing is your inner state will remain spacious and clear and unruffled.

You’ll smile and joke your way through the day …

Totally worth it.

I recorded a facebook video on the topic of “not enough time” and overwhelm and what to do about it all,

Here it is if you have enough time (see what I did there?):


If you want to know more, head this way and I'll give you 108 Ways to be free of overwhelm:


Need anything? Just ask, I’d love to chat Arjuna


If you like the idea of more time and less frazzle you might to join us for this practice, right here, I think it is THE answer but I am biased:


I’m just sorting out a webinar workshop thing that you are cordially invited to

It’ll be a great chance to go into losing stress and getting balanced in much greater detail

And ask all the questions you need.

Just getting my head around the technology

But will let you know ASAP!