Friday 13th! Shock and horror? or Awe and wonder?

Friday the 13th! Loving it. Is it bad luck? Was that black cat walking in front of you good luck or not so good luck?

I can’t remember for the life of me.

What I do remember - and love - is when I realised that I created my own luck.

When I was a young fella I told myself that every time I saw a bird that it meant I was going to have a wonderful day.

Had quite a few great days starting from that basis.

Then there was the time I decided that every thing, every single thing that happened to me, all of it was so I could grow bigger and better and bolder and have more fun.

And do you know what?

Everything that happened from that point on was clearly so I could learn more and become more! Amazing huh?!

Everything was so I could be more bold, or more humble, or more present, or more fluid, or more clear, or more forgiving, or more communicative, or less whiney…

Amazing how it works...

It was like I had miraculously enrolled in some crash course in evolution.

“You want the greatest life possible…? Coming right up!”

Boom, boom, boom.

It’s your choice whether you let something define you or whether you define it.

What do you want?

Are you going to allow something to control and shape you? Or do you say, well actually here’s how I see it? Do you shape it how you see fit?

Good news or bad? Disaster or opportunity?

Which one was it again?

Keep on going out there. You can do this.

Mastery in action, practice makes perfect.