When stopping means you actually go forward

I've got a five day Ascension retreat on here at the moment, and I’m loving it. We - the fiance (I only use that word as it rhymes with Beyonce) and I and a few good men - are doing the whole thing, teaching, cooking, cleaning. I’m doing more dishes this week than I’d usually do in a month.

Loving it.

Because it’s so good to give people the space just to do nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Amazing things happen from periodic spells of doing nothing.

You can see the retreaters unwinding, their faces literally changing, softening, becoming lighter.

They come into the kitchen and share their discoveries - had a lady find me this morning as I was tackling a particularly sticky pot:

“Look what I’ve been doing all my life” she said and then proceeded to laugh her arse off, as she realised she just didn’t need to do that thing any more, ever again.

All of them, ditching narrow reactive habits for freedom and awareness and choice.

Being worry and doubt free for perhaps the first time since childhood.

Getting clear and focussed on what they want from life, and setting real plans to go get it.

I love it.

You want that too?

You can have it.


Sometimes to retreat is to advance.

You need little spells in your day, time outs. Even if you just sit somewhere quiet and simply breathe - deep and slow.

Close the eyes, notice the breath. Coming in, going out. Keep it easy.

Doesn’t make your problems go away. But it gives you clarity and perspective.

Lets you stop worrying unnecessarily.

Gives you insight into what you can do, and what you need let go for the moment.

If you like a good, productive, enjoyable, stress free life, it’s got to be done.

It’s got to be done.