Get More Time And More Done, With Time For A Cuppa Too

You have a busy life right? Juggling a family, a job, a career or business maybe, then there’s your fitness and fun times too …

It’s full on, I now know how much it is with this little 4 week bubba we got.

There’s not a lot of time to spare.

How do you get more time in your day?

This is what I know:

Time all depends on your mental and emotional state.

When you’re stressed and overwhelmed, time flies.

Frazzled and frantic? Everything speeds up.

You try to do more at the same time and time gets even faster.

Yet if you slow down and get really present,

If you protect your peace -

You get breathing space.

Time to consider and space to choose how you want to act,

Instead of reacting blindly.

You have the same amount of things to do -

But your internal clock is slower.

It’s the oddest thing -

If you want more time in your day, take time to close your eyes.

Weird huh?

Seems like the last thing you should do, because, well you have to hustle, you got things to do - right?

Yet taking time to get calm and clear and to recharge means you get more time.

You do more with less.

Awesome that is. Magic, even.

Prioritise your peace, defend it from stress and freneticism -

And you flow through life so smooth, so gracefully it’s a wonder.

Maintain that inner clock and the outer clock changes.

But you won’t know exactly how much until you do it, alright?

So get cracking.

If you'd like some sweet tools that make getting into a calm, clear, focussed and fun headspace simple?

Join us here: Keep the Peace! Arjuna


I know this will annoy some of you.

It will -

You'll be thinking, "he knows nothing about my life".

And you're right, I don't.

But ask yourself - do you enjoy being stressed and snappy and agitated?

I know all about that ^^^

I know all about the (false) belief that nothing can change until the situations and the circumstances and the people in my life change.

YET: What if it could?

Time to check out of the Matrix: