Go Easy On Yourself

I just spent a wonderful day with a group down in Worcester. Beautiful location with awesome, inspiring ladies -

A group of Super Mums,

(and they were - they had capes and all, I swear!)

All wanting to be better.

To be more fun, more flexible and fluid, more productive in their lives.

Don’t we all?

(Hope so if you’re reading this!)

It became apparent that in the pursuit of being better we can be pretty hard on ourselves.

You know?

And sometimes you know you could do better.

You know you let yourself down. Maybe someone else too.

And reacted, speaking angrily, or ditched your fitness regime or diet or whatever.

But - it’s no deal, honestly.

Just get up and go again when you’re ready.

Yelling at yourself, beating yourself up, calling yourself an idiot?

I know that inner voice ^^^

Mine was particularly nasty.

It does you no good at all.

Does it?

Give yourself a break.

High expectations and goals are wonderful -

But realise it’s going to take time and persistence to wear down some habits.

They're just old patterns. It's the old you, the one you're leaving behind.

No deal,

Just don’t stop.

Therefore getting better is not so much about talent or skill or even motivation.

It’s about gentle persistence that gets there because it’s unstoppable.

No rush, no pressure to achieve, just a certain will to do what you can do today to get there.

Today is a write off?

Not a problem.

Leave it.

Go again tomorrow.

No one, no one at all does anything full on, all the time.

Some people would like you to believe they do -

But they don’t, simply because they can’t.

Slow and steady gets there.

Getting up again does it.

Putting it down to learning - not failure, not wrong again - will make it so enjoyable and simple you cannot NOT get there.


Keep on.

You got this.

Keep the peace! Arjuna


Oh - almost forgot!

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