Avoiding Petty Stuff That Creates Havoc

Baby names - what a nightmare. Baby is 4 weeks old and she has no moniker.

Well, she has plenty of nicknames:

Missy, Shrimpy, Monkey Bum …

But nothing official.

Trouble is I suggest something and Sumati recoils in horror (as is her manner when I come up with a really good idea)

It’s apparent I’ve suggested something on par with “Adolf” or “Trumpina” or “Wartface” or some such.

Sumati suggests something and I politely tell her what it rhymes with -

Because my brain works like that,

And she, again, recoils in horror telling me that no one in their right mind will think of that, and why did she marry me anyway?

Except I did, and I bet someone else will, and she said yes to my proposal so it’s all far too late (nyah a ha!!)

So I’ve kind of stopped suggesting names.

The lesson behind all of this?

Sometimes you just have to give up.

Especially in relationships, you know?

I see so many people fighting over nothing,

Over wanting to prove their point really.

And yet in wanting to be right,

Happiness and harmony gets chucked out the window,

You end up arguing so much you forget why you liked the person in the beginning anyway.

Sure, you pick your battles.

But when you start prioritising your peace you realise your “I must be right on this one particular point” really is a very small list indeed.

When you're at peace your significant others are at peace too -

So it’s not a selfish thing at all,

Though some people think so:

“I’m getting stressed because I want you to have the best life”

Kids and partner, dogs and goldfish,

They actually all want you to be happy and at peace.

It enables them a point of reference in this sometimes crazy, chaotic world.

An anchor of stability.

An oasis of calm, and love, and good humour.

So they can remember theirs.

Want that?

It’s a skill - a skill you can develop.

Here’s the way to get “peace fit”:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Keep the peace! Arjuna


Imagine your partner and/or family, how would life be if they were all at peace.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

Wouldn’t that be smooth and drama free?

Yes indeedy.

Now you can’t make your loved ones like that, but you protecting your peace is the biggest thing you can do to help them get that.

Actions speak louder than words.