Get Yourself To Bed

Guess what?! I was in bed at 8.30pm last night

No reading, no messing around

A quick chat with Sumati and then eyes closed

Ascension meditation …

Then at some stage I fell asleep

Guess what (again)?

I feel like a million pounds this morning.

Fully Human.

So I think I’ll do it again tonight.

Tiredness and exhaustion -

These are the cause of so many of your problems.

Just like your kids,

Without a good night’s sleep you’re toast.

Everything gets harder and more of a struggle, heavier.

Trouble is -

You don’t know that you need it.

The kids go to bed

(on time cos you know what they’re like when they head to bed late)

And then it’s YOUR time!


Reading your book, a quick Instagram surf, Netflix …

Before you know it, it’s midnight.

Sleep in the hours before midnight are the good ones.

That mean you feel great and free and happy the next day.

Not hanging out for the next coffee,

The next sugar hit (more chocolate?)

To keep you from falling flat on your face during the day -

To stop you from being that grumpy bugger -

Grrrrr …

I know it’s your time in the evening,

When you can chill and relax and do what you want to do -

And I’m not saying give it up totally.

But recognise when it’s not worth hanging out for the weekend sleep in to attempt to catch up.

Life is supposed to be simple and fun,

Proper rest and recovery will go a long way of making sure EACH and EVERY day is.


So make the most of the time when you can rest.

Good stuff!

Here's some many more ways to make sure your life is easy and fun - no matter the circumstances and the people within it:

Go well! Arjuna


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