Experts Have Said This Is THE Most Important …

It was one of those lists - You know, you’re on the internet,

Surfing aimlessly, heh heh -

And up pops:

“Experts say …”

(Usually a large amount of rubbish)

This time it’s something like:

THE “12 critically important and vital things to prioritise in your life”

I can’t quite recall,

But I am a sucker for those lists.

One point struck me though -

The author said he thought one of the most important things for him to fill his life with …

Was kindness.

He did qualify it by saying it’s not about being a walkover,

But rather treating people exactly how he wanted to be treated by others …

If not better.

I thought -

How wonderful.

If the only thing I am remembered for is kindness, then I’ll be happy about that.

Hopefully there’s more, but kindness is a great start ; )

I realised a long time ago that being aware of my actions and words leads to greater and greater kindness.

The times when I’ve gossiped and been snarky were all when I was completely unconscious.

Unaware and asleep to the result of such words and deeds.

And to be honest -

I’ve also been trying to be cool, to be liked by others.

Do you know that?

That kind of making ourselves feel better by slagging someone else off.

(Rather than actually talking to the person concerned about our problem).

Yup, we’ve probably all been there.

Awareness -

Such a huge thing.

It means you can make different choices:

Being positive and looking to build the people around you up? Amazing.

Coming to a place within yourself where you have nothing to prove and nothing to hide? Such a solid place to live from.

Gossip and bitching? Urggg.

Trying to impress others? Like I spent a large amount of my life doing - always fruitless endeavour.

Awareness of these unconscious habits and deeds and words is the way out.

Overcoming your baser nature is what the inner game is all about.

Being kinder starts with being more aware.

Awareness, awareness, awareness.

That is the answer to everything.


(and there’s no end to it either - wahey!)


The author of the list also mentioned honesty -

Saying honesty was a form of kindness WHEN the person wishes to hear it.

Of course -

When honesty is forced upon someone, no one wants to hear it. Right?

When you’re open to it though, it’s very welcomed -

So much so you start seeking it out.

Because clear honesty makes you more aware of yourself.

And in that you can’t lose.

That's me, and my thought for the day.

Go well! Arjuna


How do you get more aware? More mindful?

This here is packed full of ideas: