Getting Yourself Familiar

Do you know what? I remembered something this morning.

It’s one of those cool things that makes a lot of sense.

But first -

Some of you know that I am a monk.

A modern day monk for sure,

With a family and a house and a penchant for pork pies and coffee and cups of tea.

I like music, especially old reggae dub … and I love to cook, while listening to said music.

(In fact with Sumati being on bubba duty I’m doing a lot of cooking.)

A full participant in this life -

Not hiding out in some cave somewhere.

Which is what I liked about the Ishayas.

The only reason I became a monk -

(Because it sounded full on before I really knew what it was all about)

Was because I was tired of my own head getting me down.

Sick of ruining my own party.

I used to be an outdoor instructor you see, and even though I tried to escape into the hills and the rivers,

My head came with me.

Couldn’t shake it.

Tried to - but it always came back, like some random dog full of ticks and a bit of foam hanging out it’s mouth following you home …

So I thought:

“There has to be more to life than this”

And so I jumped into doing something a little different from what other people do,

In order to find it.

This is what I can report back,

And it ties nicely into what I recalled this morning:

It’s only and will always be about remembering.

It’s all about a slight tweak into what and how you live and do things.

You don't need to change much at all.

You need gain no special knowledge because you already have what you need to free yourself of anxiety and worry and doubt.

You see, you are so familiar with the contents of your mind.

It’s addictive - you can’t let go of your own head.

You think you are your thoughts -

But you’re not.

You are the awareness and the presence that is aware of thoughts.

The secret to freeing yourself of all the erks you is becoming familiar with that awareness and presence once again.

You just forgot, that’s all.

And that there is what the Tibetan word for meditation means:


Making friends with yourself once again.

A lot easier than straining and trying and controlling

Searching and going somewhere …

You’re already there.

Stop. Make yourself familiar with what is already here.

Keep it that simple.


Go well! Arjuna

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