Grown Man Throws Tantrum

grown-tantrum“What do you think about this one?” It’s a tricky question after 3 hours of wandering around stores mean you feel more like the living dead than a human.

You know it - one bathroom tile shop is kind of interesting.

4 shops, not so.

And it’s raining so hard outside you know you’re missing out on some quality kayaking.

And your feet hurt, and you’re hungry, and a coffee would be nice too …

Well, it all adds up to a potential for relationship strain, a bit of stroppiness and frustration and boredom doesn’t it?

It could even mean an grown man reverts to teenage style grumpy grunts, or worse -

The grown man could throw a tantrum.

It’s happened before, I’m not proud of it, not at all.

But it did happen.

The good thing to report is that I’m still married.

The relationship is still on a solid foundation because I have a secret weapon.

So do you, if you know it exists - and how to use it.

The fact is that:

You are in control of your own boredom and frustration.

You are in control of whether you are thinking about doing that thing that you want to be doing …

Or you quit that and get really present,

In the same place as your body,

Focussed on the task so it’s as straightforward and painless as possible.

Communicating like an adult, not a sullen teenager.

And then shopping for bathroom tiles means there are minimal casualties.

And you remember you actually do have a sense of humour and so it becomes kinda fun.

Because you are in control of what you put your attention on.

You are in control of what you let annoy you.

Having a tantrum is for babies.

Yet that’s what I see so many adults doing, in their own way:

Throwing their toys out of the cot.

The Christmas season will mean the malls will be full of sullenness and drama as things get cranked up.

It’s not really necessary at all, is it?

It’s definitely not a good look (trust me).

We all have to do some things that we’d rather not do.

But when you’re full on with them these things then they become easy, and actually kinda enjoyable.

So remember your secret weapon - don’t give away your sense of fun.

Don’t be bored and frustrated.

Definitely don’t slip into being a big baby.

Awesome - have a great weekend, ok? Arjuna


You may well be interested in my meditation and mindset evening course that is coming super soon.

One of things we’ll be going over is some real, practical tools to not lose your sense of humour or your sense of joy.

To stay away from the dreaded boredom.

In fact I believe if you use these techniques life will never be boring again.

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