Why Do Monks Drink Coffee In The Morning?

monk-coffeeOK - I like coffee. Just one, maybe two in the morning, it is the last of my morning rituals.

Ascension meditation, exercise, coffee, then five or ten minutes to take stock of the priorities of the day.

First priority:

Keep the peace.

No matter what happens, don't take it seriously.

Stay present, stay here, don’t over think.


Second priority:

Remember to love and appreciate my wife, to add to my relationship, to all my relationships.


Third priority:

All those jobs and stuff I need to do.

Rituals that build you up and give you clarity are important, crucial even.

They mean you go on the right foot.

You’re saying to yourself, and the world:

“This is what is important. This is how my day begins”

Throwing yourself into the urgent things is a recipe for disaster.

You can do it for a while, but you will find yourself getting ground down.

Slowly but surely, because there’s no foundation to your action.

You’re always chasing your tail.

It feels like it too.

Putting out fires, rushing and reacting.

There’s no means to get perspective.

There’s no means to maintain calm, clear confidence.

There’s no means to build towards what you want.

There will always be urgent things that need doing yesterday.

Yet do the important things first or ASAP, even if you have to get up a little earlier, and you’ll find the urgent things get done easier.

You know I think meditation is the best ritual for all of life.

It’s the one thing I do every single day without fail.

It is the one thing that gives me infinitely more Life.

It is a sweet treasure - really.

I know it may be confusing on how to get going.

There are many, many different ways; there is so much information - some of it rubbish.

If you need help just get in touch with me.

I can help, I’d like to help.

No matter your past experience I can help make it supremely simple, practical, effective and enjoyable.

Just get in touch and we'll chat.


Keep the Peace! - Arjuna


Whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for some time you’re going to love Ascension meditation.

It makes it all so easy, so simple.

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