Happiness is having a bad memory

I saw that ^^^ on a coaster last weekend. I guffawed.

Because it’s true.

Ignorance is bliss.

But not in the simplistic way you may think it is:

In reality,

What you focus on grows.

The ability to forget the bad and focus on the good?

Essential to happiness.

When I was depressed?

The other way around, it was.

(did that sound a little like Yoda?)

I forgot the good and could only remember the bad.

That’s why they say “think positive”

“They” being those people who say such things …

Because it’s a kind of mental and emotional fitness.

When you need it most,

It can come through.

But it’s totally true.

You direct your attention -

It doesn’t mean you’re being irresponsible and sticking your head in the sand,

Oh no,

You’re actually giving yourself solid perspective and foundation so you can deal with the bad simply and easily and with a light heart.

So give happiness a chance -


Go well Arjuna


How do you forget?

Easier said than done, I know.

Let me help.

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You’re an Ascender and want a whole day to learn how to forget?

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