Taking Your Own Advice?

“My husband is a pain in the ar$e and I’ve had enough … what shall I do?” “How do I tell my kids about the Manchester bombings?”

“I need to ask my boss something and I’m not sure how to do it”

“How can I learn to say ‘no’ more?”

I get to talk with a lot of people about problems,

And I love it, I really do.

I get to help and I love that.

The funniest thing is that I’ve become aware that the source of all problems …

(I have a weird sense of humour - but it’s born of a joy in seeing how I am the cause of ALL my problems. I find it ironic or something ...)

Is NOT really confusion or uncertainty of knowing WHAT to do.

If you find yourself confused it’s highly likely you already know what to do,

The problem is that you’re not sure you CAN,

Or you SHOULD,

Or ---> “But what will people think?”

Or you’re asking for permission to do what you know you need to do.

That ^^^ is the kicker with all problems.

Not the lack of solution,

But the doubt about applying the solution.

Do you see the difference?

I know this because when I ask the person “what advice would you give your best friend on this issue?”

Out comes the wisdom and the solution … easy.

The hard bit is getting over yourself and just doing it.

The hard bit comes when you start over-thinking it.

The hard bit in all of life is not out there in the world, in the problem,

But here, upstairs, between your ears.

So when you master what's between your ears, all of life gets supremely simple.

And so, as I saw on Facebook the other day by a very wise man:

“What would happen if you took your own advice?”

I thought "how excellent!"

I’ll leave you with that.

Take it easy! Arjuna


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