“Let It Go!” (Arggg! Not Frozen)

let it goWhat does “let it go” mean?

Not the horrendous “Frozen” song - I’m sure that is played in hell.

My nieces are actually (temporarily) overcome by devils sent to torture me as they sing it to me.

But the “let it go” that some are guilty of casting about, empty, here and there.

Like saying “just breathe”

Or, “Just drop it”

It’s great advice, but if you have no idea of actually HOW to do it, it’s completely useless.

So here you go:

Letting something go involves the ability of focussing on something else.

Because you can actually only focus on one thing at a time,

(Which means you can tell your lady friends who insist otherwise that multi-tasking is a complete myth and only results in tornado shaped humans …

… In other words “spinners”  or “flappers” - i.e. not very effective at anything except speed of motion and exhaustion).

Because you can actually only focus on one thing at a time,

You distract yourself from negativity or stress by bringing ALL of your attention to something different.

Stress and anxiety and all that simply exists in you because you continue to give it attention.

Like a vampire it exists because you open your life blood to it.

Either because you think stress is important and useful (it’s not).

That worrying helps (it doesn’t).

Or you simply don’t know how to not be that.

“Let it go” is valid if you have the tools to perform a distraction on yourself.

To take your attention off the thing that is causing trouble.

And putting it on something you CAN do something about.

“Just Breathe” is actually good advice, if you do it.

Deep belly breaths are a wonderful basic tool for coming back down.

Being present is great advice too, but sometimes it’s the hardest thing in the world.

That’s where practice comes in.

Because the more you do it, the better you get at it, and the more it becomes your default way of being.

Having a tool that works is everything.

And the tools like I’m teaching in Mountain Mindset are the best tools I’ve found, anywhere.

For making you calm, clear, content.

Able to focus, and ignore doubt and fear.

“Let go” of all negativity and reactive limiting patterns, whenever and wherever

To go and do what you want to do, without your mind stopping you.

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Take it easy out there

- Arjuna

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