How many billions do you give away?

PS -

I know!

How ridiculous to start with a PS.

But that’s just how I roll.

Read this, then read the PS (the bottom PS),

Or skip this, and read the PS only - if that’s how YOU roll.

Whatever you want to do, do it.

Now, onto the main message:


I just found out that Bill Gates - the world’s richest man,

Has just given away US$4.6 billion to charity.

Since 1994, his wife and his good self have given a total of US$35 billion - all to charity.

Isn’t that awesome?

I think so.

No hanging on to billions of dollars,

No swimming in a pool of cash a la Scrooge McDuck,

But sending a huge chunk of it to those who don't have anything.


A question, if you don’t mind,

And I’ll explain why it’s so important in a minute:

How much do you give?


You may be thinking, “It’s alright for Bill, he can afford to …”

But the fact is, you can’t afford NOT to give.

Studies have shown time and time again that the happiest and most satisfied and fulfilled people are those who have found a way to regularly give.

It’s true.

Now - when I’m talking about giving, I’m not talking just about money.

It could be time, advice, some appreciation, or doing something for someone.

And as always, it’s not about what you give -

It’s not about billions of dollars …

It’s about the attitude behind it that counts.

Why? Why bother?

Ahhh, that eternal question.

Well - just to start with:

Having an attitude of service makes every single part of your life easier, more fulfilling, more joyful.

It’s the end of stress and resentment too.


Picture this:

You're doing something menial, cleaning for example, for someone - say your family.

You’re doing the thing, but in your head you’re thinking all too much about how you hate cleaning, and they should have done it last week, and why am I always doing it …

Whether you have a conversation about what they do and don’t do is definitely something you need to consider …

But right now:

You’re over thinking, you’re full of resentment,

There’s no joy, no presence to this moment.

You’re winding yourself up.

If you drop all that, and assume the attitude of service,

The whole situation changes.

It becomes an act of love - both for the people you’re doing it for,

And yourself.

You stop choosing to be miserable, and really embrace what you need to do.

You jump into complete immersion in the task in front of you -

Complete presence -

And that is a wonderful experience.

The only thing I can suggest is you just DO it -

See what happens.

Give, give, give and find out why.

Good stuff!

Go well,



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