That “your delivery is coming today” feeling

Got myself a text this morning.

My online delivery is headed my way, today.

Isn’t that a glorious feeling?

Yah! My new stuff is coming -

A new pair of shorts since you asked.

To stride about in, lounge in, and just be calm and cool and content in.

All while being a style icon (or something like that).

Even better?

They said 3 days delivery, and it’s coming in 1.


I know I’m a simple man with simple pleasures -

But this is one of life’s better pleasures.

The world is full of good things, it really is.

What I’ve worked out is that I need to put myself in their way,

Otherwise I simply don’t get that “Yah!” feeling that we all know and love.

You can focus on what’s wrong, and that’s one way to live.

Or you can focus on what is good and right, and that is another.

Way back when I was getting into this meditation and mindfulness malarky,

I thought you had to give up the good things.

Not all of them, to be sure, to be sure,

But some.

Because somehow I thought enjoyment and peace and contentment weren’t on the same team.

It’s weird that isn’t it? Now that I’ve put the idea down in pixels.

Yet the things that make you Alive are great things.

They shouldn’t be cast aside as being somehow wrong …

You know?

Someone once said that what thy world needs more than anything is people who are fully Alive.

So you should go right ahead and do all those things, because then you’re Alive and joyful AND content,

And it helps everyone around you be the same.

Here’s to Aliveness!

One thing -

To be as Alive as possible, be as mindful and present as possibles.

Then you enjoy the good things even more.

And can endure the not so good even better.

I have a thing that will help you get into the mindfulness and presence habit -

A little free 7 day challenge no less.

I think you’ll like it.

Head this way to get going:

Go well!



In this challenge I’ll show you how to disconnect your reactions from events.

So you don’t react unconsciously, and then regret it.

You can see the reaction coming, take a big step back, and choose differently.

Useful skill that.