My Wonderous Stress Ending, Life Boosting Mindfulness Challenge - For You!

It’s arrived!

Let me tell you about the “Forget No More! An Hour a Day Mindfulness Challenge”

You’re here because you want to end stress.

You don’t want to just manage it,

You want to put it down.

No more stress! Yah!

No more resentment, no more overwhelm, no more anxiety or guilt or such like.


AND - because at the rate you drop stress, Aliveness blooms in all its glory.

Clarity, calm, contentment - a profound and productive life is revealed.

Living life as the best version of you.



The secret lies in being super dooper present, or mindful as you might call it.

The hardest thing people tell me about being mindful?

“I keep forgetting!”

We’ve spent so long not being present, forgetting to be mindful and then being drawn into stress and overwhelm is a super common experience.

Well – forget no more!

This “eyes open” challenge is so you can build your “mindful muscle” (or habit, if you’d prefer)

And remember to be present and forget to be stressed – no matter what you’re busy doing.

Doing this challenge will result in a radical boost to your real life “Forget No More” mindfulness and presence.

You would be interested in this challenge if you want to:

    •    end overwhelm and stress; “I’ve got too much to do and no time to do it”

    •    no longer feed negativity; “I’m useless, I can’t do this, I’ll never get it right”

    •    ditch anxiety, worry, regret, guilt and over-thinking; “I’m scared, I’m did it/am doing it wrong; I need to be in control”

    •    stop unconsciously reacting and then regretting it

    •    find happiness that is uncaused, enjoy this moment as it is and who you are, as you are

As part of the challenge there's a great little Facebook group that’s been getting going so you can stay reminded and inspired,

Tap into a community of like minded people,

Get support, answers to your questions,

Regular stuff like videos and such from me -

I’m excited.

It’s completely free,

And all you have to do to download the guide and get going,

Is head this way:


Lemme know!

Go well,



The “Forget No More! An Hour a Day Mindfulness Challenge” is open to anyone …

As long as they’re cool!

So if you have buddies who might be interested,

Send them this link: 

Think you can do it?