How three feet of madness can throw my mojo

Got to say that I started off struggling this morning. Not that feeling of fighting for breath that I used to get back in the day, more of an attempting to cling to what I used to know.

You see the fiancee and I are staying with her cousin and her three little kids.

Peace and quiet that I used to have?

Haha! Woken at dawn by little monsters turned all the way up to eleven.

New people in the house!! Use them as a trampoline!

Now I have arisen, and the sun is coming up, all I can do is sip my coffee and wait for the internal engine to get going so I can catch up.

Until then, acceptance seems to be the way forward. Resistance is futile. Join the madness as soon as I can.

Something to be said for just giving in to what is.

Makes it easier.

Those thoughts of “this should not be happening to me” become so irrelevant because, well, it is.

It is happening to me.

You can’t always control the situations and circumstances you are faced with, but you can control your reaction to them.

I can speak my peace: “No, not on my head”, but it’s all gotta be based on acceptance. With what is right in front of me.

Not on the plan that I had of sleeping in and getting a little bit of Ascension meditation time.

That is well gone.

Your choice - and a sense of peace - lies right there.

At that point, right there, your life is simple, or full of struggle.

If you have kids, I take my hat off to you. They may well be the greatest Teachers in the world.