Everyone's biggest problem

Everyone’s biggest problem? Trying to become something else.

Hustling. Trying. Straining. Not sitting comfortably at all.

Yes, do and set goals, chase dreams, I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about two things.

The first is being content now.

A fine skill to have, to appreciate this exact moment, exactly as it is.

To do, but not to put happiness in the future.

The second is the idea that you need to be something else - something you’re not.

To some degree so many people have the belief that they aren’t good enough.

Do you see that in yourself?

That right now, exactly as you are, you’re not enough in some way - there’s something wrong.

It manifests in not doing the things that you want, in not saying the things that you need, in trying to present some kind of image that you think others will find “acceptable”.

That to gain success and/or approval you must rein in your personality and be “professional” or whatever the term is for being safe and a bit boring.

Sure, there is room to be pleasant and to be positive. But change your personality in case someone takes it the wrong way?


Be you!

Don’t present an image. Trying to be something you're not is a path to misery.

Find a way to be totally content and totally ok with you.

Because you are. Totally. And it makes being content so much simpler.

You realise you need nothing else to be happy.

And then everything makes you happy.

Ahh. Happiness all around.