How to avoid knocking someone unconscious in a Peppa Pig rage

Did you see recently - in the scrum to see a giant Peppa Pig down London way, one mum was knocked unconscious by another? I know Peppa Pig is serious business, but getting SO uptight you’ll punch someone to gain preferential access to a 8 foot tall pink pig is taking things a little too far, in my humble opinion.

I also know that rage, blind fury, snapping and flying off the handle, even reacting and roasting your loved ones with some anger or sarcasm is ALWAYS a recipe for regret ... and jail time if you’re the punching type.

How do you NOT though?

How can you stop losing your cool? - at work, at home, on the road, on the sports field, where ever … ? Even just a little bit, how do you stop the frazzle? Because it's possible.

Typically during your day it’s never one big event that causes you to lose it, is it? It’s the dozens and dozens of little frustrations and imperfections and failures and let downs and thwartations (new word I made up) - those dozens of little cuts that when they all build up - that's when you see red when someone cuts in front of you in the line to a giant pig.

The thing is, you have to practice dealing with life’s downs in a different way. You have to notice them building and do something to release the pressure. Instead of letting them get to you, meaning they build up and up until you explode, developing the “Meh” factor is all important - the shrugging of your shoulders even when you sorely wish something went differently.

Saying your peace if necessary, of course, but in a calm, measured way, not with a fist - or it’s verbal equivalent.

This takes practice! I need to say this again - this takes practice. Getting to a point where you’re aware of how frazzled you're actually getting so you can choose to bring it back down ... this all takes practice.

So what can you practice, if you don't want to explode? 2 things:

Meditation - simple, easy, and practiced right is the thing for gaining a bullet proof Meh factor. I would say learn to Ascend. Absolutely. I’m not teaching anything until next year, but you may find a course you can travel to here: Want something right now?

I understand - I have a natty little handout on meditation so you can get started asap, if you so desire. You can gain it by downloading it here:


Become more mindful and present and calm with your eyes open. More awareness means you notice the frazzle sooner and can back off BEFORE it is too late.

And I have just the thing for you right here, a challenge to super increase your levels of this, and all within 7 days: Questions? Let me have them!

Go well, Arjuna

PS. I mean it when I say if you have any questions hit me up. True!