How To Be Mega Efficient

It’s become increasingly apparent to me, In fact more than ever with the little froglet,

That I don’t have any time to waste on unconscious frivolities.

Time - even and especially when I want to spend it on conscious frivolities, is short.

Someone wise once said:

“Don’t manage your time, manage your attention”

Which I believe is perfect - simply because time is not constant.

As what Einstein was on about - time is relative.

Relative to you, to what you’re doing, to how much fun you’re having.

Relative to your individual perception. (Which is a whole other fascinating conversation)


Time flies, time fills the space available, time just depends.

Here’s the thing I noticed about attention, and why it's so important:

I used to give so much of my attention to thinking about any other moment EXCEPT for the one in front of me.

I was rarely present,

I was in a dreamworld of past events and possible futures.

I would have conversations with my clients and co-workers in the car on the way to work.

I would be at work, thinking about being at home.

I would be at home, thinking about being at work.

Rarely did I ever manage to be present, right here, right now.

Developing the skill - perhaps you might call it the mental strength or flexibility - of managing my attention became important, crucial even.

And what I realise now more than ever is that when you are present you can be more efficient.

(and creative too - it’s not stifled by overthinking and rigid plans).

When you are present and attentive to this moment, you can meet the need of this moment.

What it ACTUALLY requires, not what you think it requires, or should.

You get in, get whatever needs done, you drop it.

Minimal effort, minimal mental strain, just done.

The difficulty only occurs when I think too much about it.

Second guessing, worrying, future surfing, all that stuff …

Am I right?

This goes for every field of human endeavour.

Business, being in my kayak, changing a nappy, planning a trip, conversating with Sumati about dinner.

Keep it simple.

Learn to manage your attention and everything gets simpler.

See those habits where you WANT to go over and rehash and rehearse and all that mental cognitation (made that word up)

… And return to this moment, right here.

Get good at that and you’ll do more with more effortlessness and more fun.

You’ll also stay cool, calm and collected, connected to your centre.

Which is a lovely way to live.

Not only lovely - it’s the only SANE way to live.

You want that?

Here’s how to get the tools to be that: Go well, alright?



Sanity is a trait sadly lacking in our lives, don’t you think?

Not due to people not wanting it - but for me at least - not knowing HOW to get it.

I mean if you want to get fit, you go get a personal trainer or strap some running shoes to your feet.

If you want to get really and truly wide eyed alive and sane, how do you even start?

Honestly - here’s how: