How to make it Christmas every single day of your life

So Christmas, the time for giving and for eating and raising a toast to life, to your family and friends. To make of it what you will, to celebrate for whatever reason you see fit. Huzzah!

You might have presents to give?

I know I do, fiancee is getting a cracker of a gift sometime today. Can’t tell you what because you never know what she will read and when. She might be reading right now so shush…

I am so excited to give the parcel, I really can’t wait. I asked her if she wanted her present yesterday but she said no. Looks like I’ll just have to wait.

But beyond that...

Beyond if you celebrate Christmas or no, if you give gifts or no, I have a question or two for you to consider, to ponder perhaps over a mince pie and a cuppa or other tipple of your choosing, and then put into action.

Question One:

What is the single greatest gift you would wish for yourself?

What do you want more than anything else in this whole world? What is the most important thing to you?

  • Work that out and then make sure you give it to yourself. Don’t settle for less than having that one most important thing, ok? Don’t stop until you have it in your sticky little hands.

Question Two:

What is the greatest thing you could give to your loved ones?

  • Now, make sure you give that thing constantly, completely and absolutely.

Strive to be and give this most important thing always. Make it the foundation of every act, of every thing.

And then all of life will be amazing, truly amazing.

And you will exclaim in every moment of your life, "why it seems like Christmas every day".