How your mind will try and talk you out of just about anything - and what to do about it

Not feeling so motivated? A little tired? Didn’t sleep so well last night? Whatever you got, just start it. Only do it for 5 minutes, and see what happens.

It gives me a great indicator of either no, it really isn’t going to happen today, or actually yes, and those 5 minutes become much more than that.

Sometimes in life the hardest thing is getting down to business (whatever that may be). The business at hand isn’t an issue, it’s the thought about it causes the most drag.

I remember a yoga teacher I used to go to who always used to say that the hardest part of yoga was rolling out the mat and stepping on it.

He was right, I used to be able to do anything but actually get on the mat. I could spend hours procrastinating before actually sitting down at my computer.

But when I did - and didn’t allow myself to be distracted by facebook or selecting the right playlist for my exercise session or vacuuming the floor because it’s way too dirty - then things moved along nicely.

Now I know that tendency of the mind - to delay, to distract, to declare that the conditions aren’t quite right - it’s simple. I just get on my mat or sit down and get started before I can think about it.

If I still feel not quite right then I give it at least 5 minutes before quitting.

When you know what obstacles your mind will throw up it’s a simple step to ignore them.

Knowing your own mind, its ways and reactions is crucial to living the life you want to live - and all it requires is for you to be aware.

Awareness is simple, and the only time you can be aware is now.