I Don't Have Time To Look After Myself

dont-have-timeEverywhere I look I see published evidence of the benefits of meditation. It's beginning to creep in everywhere, from some of the sports blogs that I regularly read to my wife's fashion magazines.

You might say it's the new yoga.

Remember when yoga was everywhere and every celebrity and their mother was doing it?

Very trendy for a while there.

But just because the same thing might be happening to meditation doesn't mean that there is no value to be had from it.

Calm, focus, happiness, rewiring bad habits, rebalancing body and brain chemistry, recovery and rest are just some of the benefits.

Who wouldn’t want just one of the above, let alone ALL of them?

But still I talk to people who say they don't have time to meditate.

The fact is you don't have time NOT to meditate.


You give yourself a window of time - and in return every aspect of your life gets easier and more fun.

You maximise your efficiency, effectiveness and your enjoyment.

You realise taking time out means you have much more to work with.

Do you know that there are 1440 minutes in every single day?

How many do you waste on the Internet? Watching TV adverts? Wasting time in numerous ways?

Clutter is a real deal.

Minimise clutter, cut out a few minutes of the unnecessary here and there and you have the time to give yourself 15 minutes to close your eyes.

Once you start this new habit it'll show you why you want to.

The increasing effectiveness and enjoyment become self evident, and quickly too.

So if you've let your practice slip, pick it back up again.

If you're feeling like you're too busy - then you definitely need to carve out a little time for you.

Just to stop and do nothing, to get familiar with the benefits of meditation.

No ones going to do it for you, so make sure you do.

Forget about sitting on the floor and chanting (do that if you want) - be comfortable.

Forget about trying to stop your thoughts, let them run. Meditation is easier than that. If you can see your thoughts, you aren't them.

Forget about joining any religion or belief system.

Just be fascinated with your own mind. See what is there get awareness, and in that awareness choice over what you say and do and feel.


Start tapping into the benefits of meditation today.

Want a bit more on how?

And how it'll specifically affect your sports performance?

Decreasing anxiety, increasing focus, getting deeper rest and faster recovery?

I have a seminar - it's on this Wednesday so you still have time to nab a seat.

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Any questions? Lemme know, I'd love to chat.

Take it easy! Arjuna


People say that the mind and body is connected.

What happens in one affects the other.

The truth is that the mind and body aren't connected.

They're the same thing.

Change your mind, shape how your body response, AND change your life at the same time.


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