Thinking The Wrong Way - and Advice From Deep Sea Divers

advice-from-diversGenerally -

unless you’re learning a new skill …

Your body already knows what to do.

That’s the whole purpose of practice, of training - is to come to a state where you can do something without thinking.

Your best performances were when you let your body to what it needed to do. Simply.


Now -

Even learning requires only the right kind of thought, and not much of it.

The right kind of thinking - even for learning - is less analysis and details and more wide open awareness.

Not many people know that.

When you’re learning a new skill your mental and emotional “chatter” just slows down the learning process.

Over thinking just gets in the way of physical awareness.

Without that awareness you have no feedback on what is where, and where it should be.

There’s no intuition, or feeling your way into the movement.

The senses become “tunnelled” and not wide open, not subtle.

Thinking the wrong way means the ability for the skill to become embodied, to become “auto-piloted”, is slowed.

You also recover slower because of thinking too much, which again affects learning -

Deep sea divers know this - the brain is one of the biggest consumers of oxygen in your body.

Before their event they meditate or do yogic breathing to get the highest degree of focus.

Being focussed and in the Zone means all your resources are available.

It means you can rely on autopilot and the bodies instincts to take you where you want to go.

But if you never practice the right way to think?

Everything will stay the same.

It’s the most misunderstood aspect of all of life - the mental game and how to play it.

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Keep the Peace!



My swimming coach from back in the day often said he wished he could cut our heads off.

He wasn’t particularly sadistic, but he wanted to bypass our thinking processes.

He saw the difference between when we were THINKING about what he said versus DOING what he said.

I now know exactly what he means.

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