I highly recommend quitting


Don’t listen to those motivational people who say “never quit!”.

Quitting is awesome.

You see, I’m sitting here in Starbucks,

The people who make my car are kindly fixing a big chunk of it,


How about that?

I’ve been sitting and doing my work here, courtesy of the coffee shop wifi.

And I’ve just realised the power of Quitting.

The story is -

I forgot to bring my water bottle of which I usually drink much from.

Since I’m too cheap …

Err, I mean ... environmental ... to buy bottled water,

I haven't been drinking enough.

And I was wondering why I was so sluggish, so feeling blah and off …?

I get some tap water and …

Instantly better.

Alive again.

Weird, isn’t it?

I didn’t realise what an effect drinking water had on me,

Until I stopped (and loaded up with coffee - gotta pay for my wifi!)

It’s the same with everything -

Sometimes you don’t realise the full extent of how good something is until you don’t do it.

Some of you won’t even notice AT ALL until you stop.

Humans are weird like that.

Take your daily practice of Ascension meditation,

Or anything you do every day to recharge your batteries, get perspective, and protect your peace and sense of humour …

It may not be immediately,

But as the battery starts to run out,

As stress and reaction and over-thinking and worry takes over

As you get snappier and snappier …

And your fun heads out the window …

THEN you start to notice it.

So many people tell me that they stopped and THEN they realised why they needed to do it …

Or their partners told them they’ve become such a pain in the backside,

They’ll divorce them if they don’t start practicing again -

(True story).

Quitting can be useful just to show you how good you had it.

Go well!



You don’t NEED to quit,

I haven’t gone ever gone cold turkey on my Ascending, but I do notice when I reduce the amount of time I spend very quickly.

I figure why quit when it’s so good?


This “Forget No More - an hour a day, 7 day mindfulness challenge” is up and running -

It’s a very simple way to build the mindfulness habit super quick,

And end stress, boosting calm, Alive presence.

Even when you have a full on, super busy day.

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It's completely free, AND I think you'll love it.