How A Struggle Becomes A Springboard

Lightbulb moments!

Everyone loves them - do you?

When the light comes on, and it all makes sense.

Moments of clarity.

The fog clears, and you go “aha!”

Well, I love them.

One of my big lightbulb moments?

When my Ascension meditation teacher pointed something out to me.

He’s given me a few such moments, he’s pretty good at switching on lights.

I was going through a rough patch you see,

A bit confused, feeling a bit “broken” - you know, like I’m fundamentally “stuck” and not right some how.

But he said something that really helped, and I wanted to share with you:

That everything I EVER go through,

Every challenge, every struggle, every experience, every seeming deficiency and disability

Everything is:

a) Exactly what I need to become fully me, to fully accept who I am. No apologies, No hiding.


b) So I could help other people from direct, personal experience.

And those words made ALL the difference.

Because there were people supporting me at the time -

Who I knew had been through much worse experiences in their lives compared to mine,

They were saying, “don’t worry, just do this, you’ll be fine, you are fine”

And I could trust them because they had been there and done that.

The thought that I was going through it to become more me and help someone else from experience?


It made sense of everything.

It meant I just needed to put my head down and not wonder “why me?”

Just keep going until I got out the other side.

Which always happens when you have a tool to let go of thoughts and a way forward, complete with support.

So if you’re ever feeling a bit down in the dumps,

Don’t wonder why …

Know that it’s all in hand, it’ll all turn out for the best - a bigger, brighter, better you.

You just keep returning to presence and awareness and be as glass half full as you can.


Great stuff.

Have fun out there!

And let me know how I can help.

What might help is in the PS, just below



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