Is it actually really possible to end ALL stress?

I love this question.

People KIND of ask me it all the time.

They ask it out the side of their mouths, with disbelief, like they’re asking me:

“Do you really think the world is flat?” ...

Determining whether I’m actually insane and they should scarper, quick.

Such is the “natural” feelings around stress.

People think getting what they want in life necessarily and naturally involves stress.

That stress can be managed - for sure,

But the only way to END all stress, completely and forever is to pack it all in and run off to a tropical island.

(minus hurricanes)

Or ditching your responsibilities and going to live in a cave somewhere.

But what if stress wasn’t natural?

What if responsibilities and stress didn’t need to go hand in hand?

What if you - yes, you - could end all stress without significantly changing your life style?

Let me show you how:

What causes stress?

You need to see that stress isn’t caused TO you, it comes from within you.

You react in certain ways, causing yourself stress and overwhelm.

Good so far?

If stress lies in you, and not the things that cause you stress, then you have choice over it.


If you can change your reactions and habits …

And you can, believe me you can, because reactions and habits are just a way you’ve practiced doing something until it becomes unconscious -

You can chose to make new habits.

The first thing to do perhaps is acknowledge to yourself that stress may not be natural.

That you can live your life without it.

Or at least be free of it in this moment.

And what fun that would be? For you and everyone around you?

Oh my goodness, you have no idea.

But what if?

You want it, you can have it.

The second thing is actually doing something to get it.

You can hope a stress-free zone comes and gets you,

Or you can make the choices that mean you get it.

And it’s actually very straightforward when you have the right tools and the right understanding.

Simple and easy even.

And you don't have to change your life! You may want to, but in no way is it necessary.

Here’s how to get these right tools and understandings and really get going:

Go well!



I don’t mean to be a tease, I really don’t.

I’ll give you a hint - and you’ve heard this all before - so don’t just shrug it off ...

The more present you are, the less stressed you are.

The less you dwell on the stuff, the less stressed you are.

Simple I know, but not always easy when you don't have the tools, I know.

But - here’s the simple tools that make it easy: