The Renaissance, generalise, be more awesome at all of life

You might remember a film called “Revenge of the Nerds”,

If you are of a certain age -

I loved it when I was a young fella,

Simply because it was crass and funny and had boobs in it.

Young boys are young boys, unless they’re young boys.

Now! Let’s not get distracted here.

And OK, buckle in, this is a longer one,

But hopefully a rewarding one …

All the films in the 80s were about being a certain way.

You were a nerd - a geek, or you were a jock.

You did this OR you were into that.

That never sat well with me, even at 13.

I loved swimming and competition and the challenge of physical mastery.

But I also loved learning cool stuff -

My favourite thing when I had time to waste - remember this is before the internet -

Was to sit in the library with the encyclopaedia or dictionary and randomly learn interesting things.

I loved exercise, but I loved books and music, and theatre and weird films too.

I loved having adventures, but I also loved cooking and staying at home.

I still do, all of the above.

The fact is the world has so much to offer, why limit yourself?

I really appreciate the path of what I call being a Renaissance man or woman -

In that you develop a wide range of skills and interests,

Whatever it is the floats your boat that means you live a very rich and satisfying life.

This Renaissance ideal is what Pat Flynn calls being a generalist,

(I got so much from a recent podcast of his on this:)

Because when I witness a specialist?

They’re either pretty darn narrow and/or so focussed on themselves they don’t have room for anything else.

I read Lance Armstrong’s books before he got caught,

His dedication and focus was staggering, and yet it was obvious he would be a nightmare to live with.


“You don’t want to become a person who’s achieved everything but has nothing. Don’t be a successful loser.

Know what compromises to make, and what “successes” to leave on the table.”

- Dan John

If you haven’t seen this yet? Check it out:


The risk of being a one-dimensional "loser" is real.

To have a truly great life you need balance in all the corners of your life.

In order to work hard, you’ll want to rest hard.

You’ll want to look after your family and friends, spend time and nurture and enjoy them.

You’ll want to look after your health and fitness too - if you’d like at least a degree of physical freedom.

You’ll want to have fun too, whatever that looks like to you …

Because what’s the point, otherwise?

Sometimes that’s learning and improving something,

Sometimes that’s kicking back with a cold one.

Or a hot one, whatever the case maybe.

And all Renaissance men and women I have ever met … ?

Have all been interested in helping others.

Because they know when they do that they help themselves.

If you want to truly understand something,

Teach it to someone else.

Giving and helping of others opens doors you never knew were shut until you do.

Underlying this whole scheme of work, rest, play, plus plus plus?

Is pray.

I would say that wouldn’t I?

But do indulge in a little internal self-discovery, a little NOW time each and every day.

Meditate, mindfulness, prayer …

It is the practice of playing the inner game.

Mastery of the inner game, even just a little, makes the outer game so much better.

Sweeter. Easier.

Whatever you do becomes more efficient,

And way more enjoyable.

You smooth down those rough edges of reaction and grumpiness,

Stress and self-doubt and overwhelm.

You get creative and inspired and energised, and you find the meaning of life actually lies within you, all this time.

How wonderful.


Find joy everywhere, explore all the boundaries this fine world has to offer.

Live the most amazing, noble and honourable, inspired and inspiring of lives.

If you practice meditation and/or mindfulness you shall free yourself of any limitation, any “should”, any internal handbrake on your dreams very quickly.

If you'd like an awesome free guide to getting going on meditation and mindfulness, here's where you can get one:

Go well!!!



I think that’s enough for one day, don’t you?

Let me know if you have any questions, I love to help.

I’m a Renaissance man - or at least attempting to be one.

That ^^^ will only make sense if you’ve read the above.

Go on - it’s worth it.