The Biggest Cliche Is True

biggest clicheThe biggest cliche that rings true for me about the outdoors is this: The best at anything is the one having the most fun.

I’ve had the opportunity of hanging out with some highly talented people in my time.

The ones that I seek out time and time again are the ones with the biggest smiles.

Really - I could learn so much from someone who is serious and grumpy, but why?

There’s no fun.

And that’s why I’m in the outdoors in the first place.

Sure, I love challenge and pushing my limits and adventures, but it has to be joyful.

Otherwise what’s the point?

Hanging out with fun people has shown me something else.

Taking anything seriously in any part of my life is just a waste of time.

It means I’m missing the point.

It means life is been squeezed into submission, into a little box, and only leads to greyness and limitation.

It means I’m thinking far too much.

And that’s always dangerous.

That’s the advice I would give young Arjuna:

Don’t take anything so seriously that you forget to have fun.

In fact, don’t take anything seriously.

Life is too short for anything else.

That’s probably the common theme to all people I teach to meditate.

They report back that it’s so much easier not to take things seriously.

To not think so much about “stuff”.

They get freedom from thinking too much.

Isn’t that cool?

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Keep the peace!



The whole purpose of human existence is happiness.

Aristotle said that.

If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

If you HAVE to do it, learn to have fun while doing it.