It’s Nice To Get Some Love, Isn’t It?

get some loveHad a great email from a guy called Mac I taught the other week. He says:


"You will be glad to know that I have managed to get my 10min twice a day meditation sessions in, as well as my 2 children giving it a try, who enjoy the peace as well.

But my life has changed Archie honestly I find as I have no built up anger, I can communicate with my wife, with no arguments, who also comments on my attitude towards her, I have been considerate and giving, I know myself I haven't been for years.

Just like to say thanks again for the calming skills you have taught me Archie. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Massive thanks from all the McCulloch Clan."

Mr J McCulloch ________________

What can I say?

Isn’t that awesome?

I love teaching this stuff because it just works.

You do it, and every part of your life transforms.

Mac's practicing 10 minutes, twice a day.

Not a lot of time is it?

I do recommend 20 minutes, twice a day, but good to know even 10 minutes can completely shake things up for the better.

Combined with some mindset and attitude tweaks that we went through he’s putting into play, and everything is changing for him.

And it's only week one!

Love that.

Do this and you become the best version of yourself.

Honestly: you win, your family wins, your partner wins, everyone wins.

Just through learning then practicing a simple set of tools and understandings.

Want that?

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Keep the peace! Arjuna

PS. His kids are doing it too - if kids can do it, so can you. Simple.

If you have questions, just ask - I'm super happy to help.