Staying Clear Of Overwhelm

overwhelmHere I am sitting in my home office - I mean coffee table in the corner of my living room - with a cup of coffee in my hand. The sun is pouring in the window and all is well.

I have a ton of things to do, I'm just taking a moment. A very necessary moment.

Got lots of things to get sorted before the Mountain Mindset guinea pig trial goes live in just under two weeks.

Very exciting that is.

There’s a speech I want to get started on for a funeral of my friend I was telling you about.

That’s exciting in another way. Looking forward to trying to do her justice with a few words.

There's a webinar on meditation I'm doing tonight, also some phone calls, quite a few emails to catch up on, and a webinar I want to watch.

It's a busy day!

And then there's also the need to head off for a run later, definitely looking forward to that. Love running through the forest.

Then I’ll have a stretch and do some meditating.

Oh, and there's make sure I spend some quality time with the ex-fiancee (wifey).

All of the day’s activities are necessary. It all needs to be done.

Some of it I look forward to more than others, but finding time for all of it - especially the ones that don't seem so "productive" - means I stay sane(r).

It’s all about getting that balance.

Although it’s become second nature to me now, taking time out means the time on is so much more productive.

By prioritising a state of calm and balance, stress and anxiety doesn’t have a chance to creep in  and start messing things up.

Busy-ness can’t mess with my mojo.

I feel like I have more fun, I enjoy just about everything.

And I’m a better person to be around.

It’s so nice not to be overwhelmed. I have been there before and it’s not a pleasant state.

You owe it to yourself, and your family, to not be overwhelmed and frantic.

Why not take a moment?

Just to breathe, to stop, maybe to close your eyes and just be right here.

Balance - a good priority to make in your day, a good thing to find.

Have fun out there Arjuna

PS. I’m still taking applications for the Mountain Mindset trial.

I need a handful of fellas who can act as guinea pigs / lab rats, so I can test and prod and poke and see the results of this new programme.

If you want the tools to leave overwhelm and never come back, instead choosing to be calm and clear, then you are in the right place.

If you want to ability to choose to be in the zone at will - with heightened senses and skills - in life and the outdoors, I have what you need.

Enjoy your life and the outdoors, be better at it, and leave stress and anxiety and fear behind.

A tall order, but I'm ready for you!

We go live in under two weeks, and we’re filling up, so if you’re interested get in there soon.

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