I’ve got the itch

I’ve got the itch. And it isn’t from my merino thermals.

(Merino isn’t scratchy actually)

Feels like I haven’t been out kayaking (my favourite thing the world to do, next to eating) for ever.

All these social occasions in the lead up to Christmas means when it’s raining I’ve been chatting,

But now I’m free, it’s not raining.

Rain means water for the rivers you see.

For a kayaker, I can’t tell you how frustrating that could be.

Frustrating if I wasn’t meditating, that is.

Meditation has definitely taken the edge off.

But maybe I should take up mountain biking?

So - Addiction.

Are you addicted to something?

I know I have been overly addicted to kayaking.

You may snigger in your espresso, but I’m serious.

Even though it was a “good” addiction it actually took away my enjoyment of the times when I wasn't kayaking.

Frustration and even anger was a real thing either when I couldn't be kayaking, or when I judged my performance to be less than.

Which told me a good thing had gone too far.

We all have something we “need” to do.

But where does a need become a hinderance?

I think that line has to be self-defined.

I bet if you look closely you can see for yourself - where something innocent (or even not so innocent) becomes a drag and a handbrake.

Surfing the internet is one thing.

Yet I’ve spent hours looking at trivial stuff on an evening which means my sleep isn’t as good as it could be, which means I’m grumpier and foggier the next day, which means …

I’m sure you know what it means.

And for what?

Trivialities. Stuff that really isn’t important.

That’s why I like the idea of having rituals.

Things that you do that are non-negotiable must haves in your day.

Because these useful boundaries mean you have more freedom to achieve what you want to achieve in the day.

Even - and especially - if that goal is to feel clear and calm and focussed and happy.

Because then you can be a better partner and parent and friend.

And you enjoy being in your own skin more.

And you are better at coping with the pressure of work, in fact you even thrive.

But these rituals will show you where you are addicted to things that don’t serve you too.

Which is always nice - without awareness you have no choice.

These rituals will make dealing with your addictions easier, lighter for sure.

Rituals will even show you where you are too rigid and become addicted to your rituals, becoming harsh and stiff in your being and your living.

Which is awesome. Flexibility is always good too.

So what are the non-negotiable’s for you?

What rituals will allow you greater freedom?

What things would you like to do, that will make everything else easier?

Set them up, put them in place, get going on building that solid foundation for whatever else you want.

You won’t regret it. I know I haven’t.

Take it easy now,



My rituals?

The one that gives the biggest pay back is my Ishayas’ Ascension meditation practice.

I’ve been doing it every single day since 2003, which may tell you how much it gives me.

If you’ve been struggling with meditation, perhaps doing it, or even knowing what to do, perhaps even with rituals in general?

Opt in here if you want me to make it all so simple for you:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane/ -