Defeating The Beast That Is Your Inner Child

Sometimes people ask me, 'What IS the point?'

Not the metaphysical, "what is the point of life?"

But what's the point in meditating?

Perhaps they've given it a quick go and aren't really sure why or what they're doing.

For the sake of explanation, assume you have an inner two year old (with all the worst aspects and none of the good).

That guy is the one that ruins everything.

Tantrums, wanting instant gratification, so reactive, no reasoning, dramatic, cry baby, selfish, confused.

You know that? (I most certainly do).

And throw in some good old self violence and “I’m no good” for good measure.

(Don’t think many two year olds have that yet)

The job of a good meditation technique is to bring you back to your adult “true” you.

So one way of looking at meditation is to do the opposite of whatever the two year old comes up with.

It’s training you not to react, to not be whiny, to not lash out, to not get frustrated, to not want something different from what you have right now.

And so doing the opposite actually involves doing very little.


The biggest thing is that your two year old wants to DO something.

Different, always different.

Your job, the purpose of meditation in many ways, is to DO NOTHING.

Just to sit, and be aware, patient, and content.

You’ve been DOING stuff all your life.

Your mind, run my your two year old, is constantly busy.

It’s exhausting.

That’s why you have to learn to stop, and just sit, and do nothing.

Just rest, be comfortable, and sit.

Return to the object of meditation - the breath, the heart, the body scan, the Ascension Attitudes.

If you have these Ascension meditation techniques you're in luck because they take you to the heart of the matter, immediately.

Whatever you do, start with just ten minutes and you’ll find you have a different perspective on your mind.

Clarity is the word I like.

Instead of instantly following your two year old mind, the ability to see it AND ignore it means you’ll have more and more choice.

This means you can do what you know is best, rather than blindly reacting.

You’re cultivating freedom from all kinds of negative patterns and habits.

And you’re able to focus on what you want to grow in your life.

All so you can be a better you.

Better partner, better parent, better at your work, better at your play.


Isn’t that worth a small amount of time in your day?

I’d say so.

Go well - practice makes all things clearer.



If you want more from your practice in any way, I can help make things supremely simple.

Perhaps you’ve tried to meditate in the past and have just gotten a little confused so you feel like you’re not sure what to do, or you’re missing the point?

Perhaps you know precisely what to do, just can’t seem to do it?

Perhaps you want meditation to be more enjoyable, more satisfying, more simple in some way?

I can help, for sure.

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