Brain Training

I learnt something interesting today. Do you want to hear it? It explains why I wanted to learn to meditate in the first place.

I couldn’t understand why some days I could be fun and content and focussed so easily.

Why I could apply a little discipline and get things done that I wanted to, simply.

And why some days I was grumpy and sullen and frustrated and everything seemed to be rubbish …

Why I’d throw away my goals - perhaps in fitness or improving my kayaking or my diet or being nicer in my relationship.

And nothing I did seemed to help, or change it. The way the brain works explains it all.

Being overloaded, overwhelmed, over it’ed (not sure if that is a word but hopefully you know what I mean)

- in other words, being stressed -

Physically changes the way your brain works.

Your reasoning and rational brain centres (pre-frontal cortex) are bypassed in favour for the more emotional, reactive ones (amygdala).

You lose the ability to act reasonably, you react emotionally more quickly.

You lose perspective, and the ability to see what’s best on a long term scale.

You start to sabotage your goals for short term emotional ease.

You turn to over indulgence in alcohol, fatty and sugary foods, drugs, box sets, porn, surfing the internet all hours of the night just because it’s an emotional quick fix.

You get less quality sleep.

It also means you don’t realise how stressed you actually are.

So it becomes a vicious cycle.

Until you take a step sideways and do something different.

What does this mean for you?

I know you’re busy.

But I also believe you want to be more effective in what you do, AND enjoy it more.

In order to do that you have to realise that living in this world is stressful.

It just is.

You probably put yourself under a bit of pressure fairly regularly as well.

The first and last thing you can do to help every single area of life is to deal with this potential for stress.

I recommend meditation simply because it’s simple and easy and gets the job done quick.

It creates a foundation of solidness so you can use your brain in a way that will help you, not hinder you.

Your brain works differently when you meditate regularly.

Calm, clear, focussed, fun. Emotionally resilient. Able to sail through tough times.

It’s brain training.

Why not start off with 10 minutes a day?

Building up to 20 minutes is a great aim - but do what you can.

If you already meditate and life seems to be a little bit tougher, not so easy?

You've probably let your practice slip. Crank it up again and I bet you'll be back on a even keel.

If you need anything, just get in touch.

Or if you’d like to know how to meditate properly,

And make it an enjoyable, regular, non-negotiable part of your life,

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Take it easy now


PS. Any ideas on what I can get my wife for Christmas?

I thought a new kayak was a great idea but when I subtly suggested it she said it really wasn't really going to cut it.

I think she needs to meditate more. -