Just pretend that this moment is the only moment that exists

A friend of mine - an Ishaya teacher of meditation - loves to tell his students to pretend that this moment is the only moment that exists. It simply means to be completely alive and present here, now, assuming that no other moment in time exists.

How about that? How about just letting go now, and being present to this, what is here, what is now.

To do it means to assume that everything else is beyond your control. It means you assume you only have what is in front of you.

The thing is we spend so much time trying to change the past or control the future. Life gets extraordinarily simple, not to mention easy, when you take it one moment at a time. Just now. And now. And now.

Here you are. Really be here. Don’t worry about anything else.

When you do that you can meet the need of the moment, free of the burden of the past and the future.

Really, honestly, if I could give you one thing it would be to realise that a peaceful, happy, enjoyable and efficient life is right here.

Bring yourself back and you will find it easier and easier to stay.