Make Sure This Doesn't Happen To You

make-sure-thisWhat is the greatest thing you can give anyone? That ALSO means you win too?

Let me tell you a quick story first.

Someone told me a story, the events of which made them realise this very thing.

You see - Steve was at the beach, on holiday with his family.

He decided to quickly check his emails on his phone, just to see if anything crucial work wise had come in.

His young daughter, previously playing nearby, ran up to him,

GRABBED his expensive smart phone,

And THREW it in the water.

Way in.

Ruined, done in, finished.

He was shocked to say the least -

But instead of getting angry,

Saw what he had been doing for so long:

Completely ignoring his loved ones.

“With” them, but not really there.

Absent at the wheel.

Alive but not really living.

He apologised to his daughter and since then locks his (new) phone in the hotel safe when he’s on holiday.

When he gets home from work - he makes sure he gives the most important thing to his wife and kids.

His full, undivided attention.

His complete presence.

Not just a nod and a kiss on the cheek.

Not just saying "yes dear" as he thinks about what happened at work that day.

But ALL of himself.

It's a bold move - and may involve giving up the addiction to mobile tech.

But well worth it in terms of the new found strength and enjoyment of your relationships.

Something to consider.

Where are you?


Or somewhere else?

Missing in action, as it were?

Don’t let your life slip away.

Don't let your relationships slip away.

If you want some skills and understanding to think and live differently?

To also get mind mastery in sports?

I have a workshop just for you:

Take it easy now, enjoy every moment.

- Arjuna